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Church at 2008 Carver Street, Durham, NC 27705

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in Durham, NC

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  • I have been in this Church for about a year. From the first time I stepped into this Church and heard Pastor Godair preach, watched the young people in that church all dressed in suits and ties, no tattoos, piercings, the girls dressed with proper clothing with their bodies covered properly, NO make up etc and extremely well groomed I knew It was truly a house of GOD. If you are Hungry for the Love of God in your life and want to hear the truth it would be worth it for you to come to this church to visit and see for yourself. It has been an experience in my life that has truly blessed me.

    Added April 16, 2017 by Joyce Guy
  • ☆ ☆ ☆

    In most cases these folks are sincere people. But Truthbtold .. they base all their doctrine ONE verse of scripture. They baptize in "Jesus Only" ignoring the Trinity (just like Jehovah Witnesses) They believe that UNLESS you speak in tongues you are not saved. That is legalistic works added to Salvation. Read Ephesians 2:8-9

    Added November 15, 2016 by Johnny Baptist
  • Have came to visit this Church over a couple of years love the service and the singing is beautiful,if you need a touch from the Lord this is the church to attend.

    Added November 10, 2016 by monica dove
  • Been here my whole life and still loving what God's doing!!!

    Added October 31, 2016 by Auburn Turner
  • An awesome placer to go and worship God. Everyone should visit.

    Added October 24, 2016 by Andrew Fuentes Sr.
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